Establish a Web Presence

A full set of localization solutions that power global brand, website and service to enter the world's biggest online retail market.

US vs China's GDP Growth

US vs China's Online Cousumer Spending

Build a Long-lasting Partnership

Expand the client's business step by step, Select the most suitable products or services to launch, and Handle all issues related to cultures, politics, laws and regulations.
  • Partnership along a Performance-based Profit Sharing Model
  • Market Entry Consultation and Pre-market Research
  • Pricing Strategies and Brand Marketing
  • ICP(Internet Content Provider) License Application
  • Intellectual Property Protection(Copyright, Trademark, Patent, etc)

Integrate Payment & Logistics

Adopt the local checkout gateways, Supervise day-to-day cash flow, and Offer one-stop logistics management covering worldwide shipping, import & export, warehousing, etc.
  • Advance Payment, Monthly Statement and Settlement in Offshore Remittance
  • Strategic Partnership with World's Top-tier Express Delivery Service Providers
  • Door to Door Shipping with Tracking Service
  • Local Collection Points for Returns and Exchanges

Sell Efficiently & Scalably

Bridge product feed to the leading B2C or vertical e-commerce platforms, Campaign to raise web traffic,and Optimize conversion rate to drive sales achievement.
  • Search Engine Optimization and Precision Advertising
  • Email Direct Marketing and Social Media Retargeting
  • Customer Database
  • Smart Phone Apps
  • E-commerce Consumption Distribution
  • Market Size 2013: 1.56 Trillion RMB
  • Market Share of E-commerce Platforms
  • Market Size 2013: 1.56 Trillion RMB
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