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The founder of the Innovation Works : Kaifu Lee

One-click multi-language website building service, without any code, easy to own their own international website, sight translation localization effect, quickly integrate into the local market.


The perfect combination of traditional translation and IT technology, CAT full term and corpus of real-time online build, give full play to the advantages of crowdsourcing is suitable for team collaboration interface.


We not only have the game industry the most professional localization services, can also provide you with the target country of information industry, Let your game trip smooth.


Support 30+ popular file formats

We support 30+ popular file formats including:.strings, .xml, .yml, .po, .html, .xls, .ppt, .docx, .doc, . json, .ini, .txt...
Manage the translations for your mobile apps, websites, softwares, social media and documents, all in one platform!

Cloud-based Translation Process

Simultaneous machine translation for multiple languages
When submitting a file for translation, the system will automatically create a task. Users only need to assign it on-line. Once the E-mail address of a registered translator is triggered, the system will automatically send a task E-mail.
Task management system saves communication costs
Simultaneous processing of multiple language editions, which can all be immediately previewed after upload. For documents with code, the system can automatically mask the code to prevent translators from accidentally deleting it.
Terminology management ensures translation consistency
In the translation process, terms can be saved at any time. When the same content appears again,former translation will be applied directly to it via automatch, so as to constantly improve the quality of machine translation.
Realtime "In-world" translation perfects localization details
Translators can see the proofreading results, then make necessary corrections in time. XingCloud's unique website "in-world" translation function restores the original website, so translation results can be seen in real time.
Crowdsourcing helps discover and develop user requirements
XingCloud's crowdsourcing can not only guarantee native translation, but also learn users' needs via studying user data, so as to help users to better promote their websites and products.
Seamless SVN integration reduces costs
Besides manually uploading files to be translated,users can also directly set SVN extracting, in which translators or translation companies can automatically acquire the files to be translated through the XingCloud platform.

Work with your favorite apps, websites and files.

  • Support 30+ popular file formats
  • We support 30+ popular file formats including:.strings, .xml, .yml, .po, .html, .xls, .ppt, .docx, .doc, . json, .ini, .txt and many more.
  • Integrated with 20+ popular services
  • Whether you'd like to translate your UI text, app descriptions, customer service tickets, demo video captions, etc., our integrated solution makes it easy to import your text and export your translation.
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